Customer Rides Showcase


This is a 2000 Lexus GS300 from Rhode Island. We took the stock boring motor out and replaced it with the twin turbo version. Custom front mount intercooler, custom driveshaft, limited slip differential & custom radiator.

  • Twin Turbo
  • Intercooler
  • Custom Driveshaft & Raditor

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2003 BMW E46 LS2 Swap

Here we have a 2003 BMW E46 that came to us 100% stock. We took the stock 400HP LS2 engine and added a mild cam to boost the power to 475HP. With the new power plant we decided to build the already stout 4L65E transmission and install a set of KW Variant 1 Coil-overs making it a very tight and powerful ride.

  • Full Canbus integrated wiring harness
  • E46 Differential 4 disc 35/60 ramped limited slip carrier with 3.46 ring and pinion
  • Custom Driveshaft
  • Custom exhaust built in house
  • All Powder Coating and Ceramic Coating done in house

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1987 BMW E30 LS Swap

Here is another beautiful BMW that came into KG Performance 100% factory. We took the factory engine out and replaced it with a much more powerful 5.3L LS Engine. With a little dress up under the hood from KG Coatings we made this car into the ultimate sleeper.

  • T56 Transmission
  • LS1 intake manifold, electric TB, injectors and fuel rails
  • Custom Radiator
  • Custom Exhaust

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1991 Honda Civic Wagovan Turbo

This AWD Honda Civic originally came to KG Performance with tons of issues with the engine and turbo set up. We took it in the shop and completed a full rebuild with all the proper components to handle 430WHP in a single cam 1.6L. This is one of the fastest AWD Honda Civics in the world.

  • GoAUTO pro civic turbo kit with 3" cold pipe upgrade and 6157 Billet Turbo
  • Forged internals with Darton Sleeves
  • Custom drive line
  • Custom Exhaust
  • All Coating Done in house by KG Coatings

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