Meet The Crew

Meet the Crew


Ryan is the founder of KG Performance, and the big boss. He got his start in the turbo Honda game and decided to open a shop instead of working on his car in other people’s garages. With a small Craftsman box, in 2013 KG Performance began. Ryan currently has an LS2 swapped Honda S2000, a bagged, flame throwing C30 and the RV converted “Braap” bus as his personal projects. The Integra that started it all is still in his possession and could be making a return to the drag strip at some point.

Meet the Crew


With a Master’s degree in Business, Jenna is more than qualified for her position in the business. From the day to day logistics to our event planning and marketing, Jenna handles all aspects of the back office. She didn’t leave her new BMW X3 stock for long, upgrading the brakes and having the powder coating boys coat her wheels and calipers. A blacked out grill and new center caps finish out the first round of modifications. If you stop by, you will find her ready to help with a smile.

Meet the Crew


Paul also known as the "beard of knowledge" is the lead tech and fabricator at our performance facility. With over 20 years of experience he is the key asset to our operation. Paul currently has an LS powered RX7 FC along with an LS powered Jeep Comanche. You will find Paul mainly driving his daily turbo diesel Mercedes rolling coal with a canoe on top. If you run into Paul at the shop, make sure to ask him about his other intriguing hobbies.

Meet the Crew


With an extensive customer service background in the automotive industry, Zak brings his experience and knowledge to KG Performance to handle the day to day operations of our general repair services. In this industry communication with customers is paramount, and Zak is the bridge between the mechanics and the customers. Zak is always happy to help get you back on the road! If you can't find Zak in the office, then be sure to check the local golf course or poker room!

Meet the Crew


Ben is the veteran member of the coating department. With his years of experience, come technical expertise and a desire to make every part as beautiful as it can be. Ben has a passion for motors as well, running his square body in local mud events. He currently has an S13 project car with a turbo KA, his daily high revving Civic Si and a LS powered Silverado for towing his camper for weekend trips. If you see him at the shop, ask him about the last episode of street outlaws and he will be sure to fill you in!

Meet the Crew


Shane has been working on engines since he was a little boy. From building flame spitting lawn tractors with welded and ground custom cams to working on his infamous Red S10, he has a passion for mechanical things. You can find him tackling the bigger jobs and working on diesels. He enjoys working on muscle cars and carbureted vehicles, helping to round out the skill set in the shop. If you see him ask him about his S10, unless he brings it up first!

Meet the Crew


Rounding out our repair crew is Owen, the newest member. His beard, positive attitude, and willingness to work on anything make him an instant fit with the team. Despite his love of carburetors, Owen is eager to learn new technology and increase his skill set. When he is not clocked in at the shop he can be found nurturing his collection of Chevy project trucks. Come on Owen, one of them needs a turbo!

Meet the Crew


While typically working on the repair side, he also helps out in the office and manages our inventory. From mounting and balancing tires, alignments, and brake repair to calling customers and writing invoices, he does it all with a good sense of humor and a smile. His personal vehicles have been many and varied, but he seems to have grown quite fond of his latest: a V8 AMG Mercedes. For a lively discussion ask him about his exhaust, resonators, and the possible supercharger upgrade in the future!


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